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Key Biscayne Fireplace

Featuring real genuine coral stone, the Key Largo faux decorative fireplace has the right blend of accents and simplicity.

Before we get started, let me explain just exactly what this stone is. Coral Stone is a form of limestone. Many marine animals, such as corals and shellfish, have skeletons or shells made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). When these animals die, their skeletons sink to the seafloor and accumulate to form large beds of calcium carbonate. As more and more layers form, their weight compresses and cements the layers at the bottom, forming limestone. Details of the skeletons and shells are often preserved in the limestone as fossils. The result after millions of years is coral stone.

The process involved in manufacturing a Coral Stone fireplace is a very long, laborious, and delicate. The process starts when the 8 x 4 x 4 blocks of stone are brought to our manufacturing facility. Here we cut the slabs into more manageable sizes. Following that, we start piece by piece, gluing everything together with an amazingly strong bonding solution. Its like a big giant puzzle. However, were not done there. Once the basic structure has been assembled, we start hand carving with very small and precise tools each and every single accent and shape you see on these fireplaces. Remember, every single detail is hand carved, we do not use moldings of any kind (you cant its real rock!) its almost as if we were doing a sculpture!

This particular faux fireplace is available in two finishes. Crackled Antique and the always popular Cherry color.

When you stop to analyze in detail this fireplace, you will be nothing but impressed at the fact that these fireplaces are carefully sculpted by hand until this look is achieved.

-Completely hand made and hand carved.
-Made out of real Coral Stone
-Very Heavy!
-Stunning Design
-Investment Quality Furniture
-Simulated Logs are included!
-Fireplace Log Crate included!
-Fireplace Screen Included!
-Measures: 47.5 High, Shelf is 16 Deep and the whole thing is 63 Wide. The bottom hearth is 1.5" high and 23" deep.

Shipping is only $135.00 (curbside) Inside delivery is available for $195. For more information, please check out ourshipping policies page.

-Note: This decorative Fireplace does not product any heat. The log set including makes a crackling sound and realistic looking flames. However, it does not produce any heat. You can buy a small heater from us that is placed underneath the log set, and that will provide *some* heated air. However, don't expect it to heat up your entire house.


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